Dreaming can be a very odd sensation especially if you are like me and have vivid, very memorable dreams-and often more than one a night. It can also be very exhausting and very disconcerting or leave you uneasy afterwards. Sometimes, if you are lucky you wake up feeling satisfied, happy and even horny but sometimes the more negative emotions prevail.

Some people say it’s lucky if you dream, which it is in a way- I wouldn’t give up the entertainment factor especially when telling my mates. But when the dreams are more night terrors and fright you awake or have you upset and panicked, reaching for the phone because someone you have love has just died or been harmed-it’s not so lucky.

People say dreamers work things out I their heads, subconscious or conscious worries. This is true for many of my dreams though given the wackiness of others I can’t say it’s the same for all: vampires meet zombies meet Glee? Farting out eggs and babies…More crack then something playing on my mind.

The weirdest is knowing it’s a friend’s worry/query or question that’s driving your dream, despite you knowing their worry is unfounded.

And sometimes I’ve found you need a friend to help you analyse them. To know they aren’t real worries but what someone else has said to you sticking with you, and when said person comes back into your life the worries subconsciously return. Even if they are bullshit worries and the words said were more to manipulate then the truth. Sometimes then dreams can be a good thing because where you’ve locked that worry deep down, your dream brings it up and horrible as the dream is once it’s out there you can challenge it and fight it with the truth.


About miarants

Likes to debate, chat and rant, will be doing all of them on this blog. I like people asking me my opinion as much as i like to hear others. Sometimes I do play devils advocate whether or not i agree with something just to argue and consider another option, or to become sound in my own opinion.
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